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Water Harvesting

To get the most out of your water harvesting:


Calculate the amount of water that can be harvested on average rainfall to determine your tank size.

Use the PIVOTPRO - TILTING GUTTER system to get the cleanest water in your tank.

Use filter screens, leaf catchers and first flush devices to keep debris and mosquitoes out of your tank.

Use harvested water for gardening or add a purification system to drink your very own rainwater

Consider the whole PIVOTPRO Harvesting range of products to ensure you get the most out of your water harvesting setup!


Tippy's Pro Tip

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Water Harvesting brings together everything Pivot Pro has to offer for an unrivalled setup


At Pivot Pro we realize that the need for outstanding service is as great as the need for great products.

We provide services that ensure your get the right tank for your specific needs:

Site survey to determine the optimal setup from gutters al the way to tanks, pumps and filters.

Professional installation according to supplier standards.

Rainwater harvesting systems.

Fully integrated backup and harvesting systems.

Here is why the PIVOTPRO - WATERWISE system provides class leading functionality


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If your roof has any leaks, we quickly sort them out with the PIVOTPRO - WATERPROOFING range to ensure every drop can go to your tank. Our waterproofing services are accompanied by a 10 year guarantee.


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The next step is to do repairs on you roof timber and fascia boards if required. We always recommend installing fascia boards to protect your timber and serve as a solid base to mount your gutters. 


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The third step is to get your maintenance free PIVOTPRO - TILTING GUTTERS installed. They harvest cleaner water at an increased flow rate, resulting in fresher tank water for longer and less strain on pumps and filters. All these benefits without ever climbing on your roof or a ladder to clean your gutters. Simply tilt them over with our mobile app or by the pull of a string and hose them down if required. 


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Once your gutters are installed with the right slope to ensure you have an adequate flow rate and no standing water, we install the underground pipes straight from your downpipes to your tank. These pipes are completely sealed off and remain filled with water unless you opt for a drainage valve. With this setup, your tanks can be placed anywhere on your property, as long as they are below your roofline. You cab say goodbye to ugly tank setups with pipes dangling in the air, although we can provide a quote on such a setup if required. 


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Your tanks will be installed according to supplier specifications while the above steps are taken care off. 


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At this stage your pump and filters (if required) will be connected.


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Your state of the art Water Harvesting setup is now complete. We will walk you through the system and make sure you are happy with every part of the installation before we mark the project as complete. 

All products and services as described above are optional to the setup and can be ordered separately.

Start saving every drop


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Contact us and schedule an appointment to take measurements of your property to provide a tailored quotation for each aspect of the harvesting setup. This includes the maintenance free PIVOTPRO - TILTING GUTTER, tanks, pumps, filters and all other accessories to make sure you have the ultimate water harvesting setup, without breaking the bank.  


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We will send your quotation for review. Once you get ack to us with the order to proceed, we set the project in motion. We will prepare your order and schedule an installation date that suits you best.

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On the date of installation, our friendly staff will arrive bright and early to get the process underway. We'll have your maintenance free gutter up in no time!

Explore the products that make the ultimate water harvesting setup


Patented Pivot Gutters

Explore the benefits of our easy to clean Pivot Gutter or opt for traditional gutters or custom box gutters for industrial and commercial applications. ​


Water Purification

Explore the benefits of water purification. We offer purification products an services for home and commercial use. 

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Water Tanks & accessories

Accredited supplier and installer of all major water tank brands.

Find a tank for every application from chemical storage to municipal backup and rainwater harvesting. 

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Water Pumps & accessories

Supplier and installer of leading pump brands. We help you select the perfect pump for your domestic or commercial application, and take care of the installation if required.​

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