To get the most out of your pump:


Invest in a quality pump that will not leave you without water.

Determine the flow rate and pressure required for your application.

Invest in a pump that can provide the required pressure and flow rate.

Ensure proper installation to ensure your tank outlives its guarantee.

Choose a pump with the perfect pressure, flow rate and power for optimal efficiency!


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At Pivot Pro we realize that the need for outstanding service is as great as the need for great products.

We provide services that ensure your get the right pump for your specific needs:

We conduct site surveys to spec the right pump for your application. 

Professional tank installation according to supplier standards.

Municipal backup systems.

Rainwater harvesting systems.

Fully integrated backup and harvesting systems.


Explore our pump range at your nearest Pivot Pro store and let our friendly staff show you around! We are proud suppliers of DAB pumps and Wilo pumps and back all our products by extensive knowledge and service.

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Made in Italy

  • Irrigation & domestic use

  • Self priming, Dry run protection, Variable speed

  • Low noise levels