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To get the most out of your water tank:


Trust a provider that backs their products by service.

Choose a filtration device that is fit for your purpose.

Change your filter cartridges timely to ensure your water remains safe.

Trust a provider that understands their products and backs it up by unrivalled service from start to finish.  


Tippy's Pro Tip


At Pivot Pro we realize that the need for outstanding service is as great as the need for great products. 

We provide services that ensure your get the right filter for your specific needs.

We provide information and specify filters according to your specific needs.

Professional filtration system installation according to supplier standards.

Periodic and emergency service & maintenance to filters & cartridges.

Rainwater harvesting systems.

Fully integrated backup and harvesting systems.



Perfect for rainwater harvesting

  • Exterior placement

  • Purifies every drop

  • High flow rate

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Neat & cost effective

  • Under counter unit for potable rainwater.

  • Cost effective 

  • Low flow rate


Ozone, Cartridge replacement & accessories

  • Ozone generators

  • Replacement filter cartridges

  • Accessories

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