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Water Purification

When in doubt, have a water analysis done on your water to ensure your purification system is designed to provide safe water, effeciently. 

Tippy's Pro Tip

Pivot Pro offers a wide range of water purification products and services to ensure you benefit from safe, great tasting water regardless of the source. Whether you are harvesting rainwater, relying on your local municipality or getting your water from a borehole, dam or river, we can provide a perfectly developed purification system to ensure your water is not only safe to consume, but also great tasting and healthy.



We provide services that ensure your purification system operates at the best effeciency and provides the highest quality water.

Water analyses & purification plant design.

Professional installation of domestic and commercial purification systems.

Service & maintenance

Rainwater harvesting systems for domestic and commercial appliactions.

Commercial purification plants for hotels, lodges and other industries.


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